Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's all about the Joy

They're two peak experiences for us, conception and childbirth.
For many women,
 the intensity of our desire to have a baby is so powerful
 that when we conceive, it feels like
a dream has come true for us,
and when our babies slip out of our bodies, we describe it as euphoria. 

Can we influence how much joy we receive in these rare, spectacular moments? Isn't that what the experiences are all about, joy? Consider the following exercise to help optimize your experiences.
It's all about the Joy
Answer these 3 questions
  1. Identify the happiest day of your life. 
  2. Identify 3 factors that helped you to feel so happy.
  3. Out of the 3, choose the most important one.
I think that what you will find is that it was the strength of your desire that supported the other two, for it is our intentions in life that propel our movement. For me, with both conception and childbirth, it was my intense desire that helped me to stay focused, and certain of my success.

At birth blessings yoga,
 we recognize the power of our desire to optimize our experience,
 and slow down enough just to feel it.

Roxanne Beinart ready to Give Birth  

It seems so benign, slowing down, breathing, and feeling. But if you remember how strongly you wanted something in your more formative years, when desire was fresh and free and you dared to reach for what you wanted in this world, than you'll understand the power of intention to help manifest your dreams.