Friday, September 21, 2012

Avoiding the pitfalls of emotionally charged events

Giving birth can be like the mother of the bride, there both highly charged emotional events. If we are not mindful, we can end up limping down the aisle from all of the knee jerk reactions rather than walking at a pace that allows for walking with our best foot forward.
When we were infants, we had primitive reflexes that caused us to move towards or away from something for our survival. At some point in our development, when we could act with greater choice, the reflexes became integrated into our automatic nervous system and no longer guided our movements. Recent research suggests that enlivening these reflexes provides for a more resilient, stable foundation for greater ease in our movement.
It takes a tremendous amount of strength and integrity to refrain from acting when we feel overwhelmed with feelings. However consider that if we have the strength to birth our babies that we have the capacity to maintain our composer until we feel clarity before acting. Then, when we do our emotional life can be more like our primitive reflexes, feelings are allowed to surface and be acknowledged but no long have the power to guide our movement. We then can walk the earth as intended, with grace, ease, strength and receptivity.
In pre and postnatal yoga tomorrow September 21st we will explore to enliven the 5 primitive reflexes that supported our initial spinal movement,and practice maintaining our composure despite what may seem overwhelming inside or outside of us.