Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So you endured natural childbirth, what's next?

To my favorite yoginis,

Congratulations on achieving what I consider to be one of the most difficult challenges in a woman's life. If you are anything like me, after I gave birth to Candyce 23 years ago, I felt like King Kong at the very tip of the sky scrapper pounding my chest in elation. I am!! For like him, in one glorious moment I felt as though I had conquered the blood coursing through my veins. It truly was a high like no other, one that I continue to look back on in awe, inspiration and contemplation. And although, unfortunately the high faded, what is really clear for me is that, childbirth is a master teacher of transformation, if you want it to be.

There are some hefty gains available to one who needed to step way beyond their comfort zone, which you did to give birth to your baby. You can roam this earth a little lighter, because you know deep down in your bones that, regardless of what earthly catastrophic events that may occur, you simply cannot die. You become a survivor, and if need be, untouchable, unwilling to move from a rare, new strength that becomes the only thread within you that is truly essential.

What if you learned to live from that place, that space that you were forced to inherent from the scuffle of childbirth? How might that influence your life? How might that influence your mothering? Consider how might such a focus help you to hold your strength to drive your passion. Consider too that if you where brave enough to attain natural childbirth that you have what it takes to risk in life and with confidence move in the direction of your dreams. Consider that you may not need to come down from the sky scrapper!

If you have come all this way and have achieved what you set out to do, please don't forget to take ownership of the gains that are also inherent in risk taking. In my next posting, we will adorn ourselves with the golden nuggets that successful venturest of childbirth can enjoy and then how to go about wearing your new jewels.

In love and light,


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