Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prayers of freedom for Galina

“Freedom” was the word of reflection, and Galina Feeley who sits very pregnant in the center of our circle said she just wants more of it! I’m sure it was her adopted American mother, Barbara who joined us for a private partnered yoga session to help support her daughter in labor, who first gave Galina a taste of freedom. But it makes perfect sense to me that a Russian born young woman who spent much of her formative years in an orphanage cared for by what sounds to me like broken down, misguided women rallies at the idea of more!
We can help free Galina through the power of what we have experienced for ourselves, that when we give birth to our babies, the heart opens wide and we are completely free. Consider that in this unbound state that our thoughts are pure and all powerful. So I graciously request each of us to remember those precious moments during childbirth, the time when we felt completely renewed and able to be and do anything and from that space, send your care to Galina.
Let us pray as a collective that Galina experience her own wholeness and that it carries her, like the mother that she longed for years ago.
My teacher says that such an act is called compassion and it relieves the one who inspired it from their suffering. Please send your heart felt prayer to Galina and help her be the loving mother that is in her heart to know.

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