Thursday, March 21, 2013

6 starters for the creator in you

Time and again, I witness women's strength, and effort so fierce to give birth. I think, "If only I could help them bottle it and drink a fresh cup a day like it was their morning coffee, they'd feel so energized (without the crash when the caffeine is gone), full of themselves and deeply satisfied!"  That's how it feels, when we push hard and strong in a direction that makes room for greater forces to move through us.  Do you remember?

I've taken it on, the work of giving birth over and over again, to sit and wait for those moments of movement that our beyond my will.  I push and I push and I push to feel like I did before I lost how brave and bold I was when I believed. When I'm really fortunate, and feeling so safe that a pin drop could cloak me again and take me out of myself, it happens.  The tears flow and I allow myself to feel, trusting the release and the resulting waterfall of energy that moves me.  It's then that my pen just seems to ride the paper, like a surfer on a wave enjoying her afternoon stroll.

Please join me.  It's not as hard as it seems, and just like when you have birth, you will not be alone, you'll have me!
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