Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Broken dream or two?

 I struggle with my writing for two hours this morning before finally doing what I learned in childbirth, and have been preaching about ever since.  That is, if you get stuck, do something different!

I'm writing about how it felt for me to be curled up in a fetal position on a cold, tile cement floor behind the big, blonde institutional door labeled with big, bold, red letters, "GIRLS".  It is where I found myself after being cut from the Junior Varsity Cheering squad, the day that I fell, like an invisible angel whose last act of faith was from my reflexes that like fluttering wings had taken me to where I needed to go.

I move from my desk at home, head for the bathroom, and curl up in a fetal position on the floor. The tile is smaller and redder, and the odor is more familiar than the powerful, too clean smell of a high school lavatory.  But the cold, hard earth still feels the same, I remember, it was a bedrock of comfort for a body burning in the heat of despair. I close my eyes, breathe, listen and wait.  I return to my  desk, and within minutes, the words gush out of me like a newly broken, bulging bag of amniotic fluid. 
If you get stuck, what will you do differently?  Most of us have a history of a broken dream or two!  Consider that birth is a powerful force to help you reinvest in the strength you need to believe again.  Let this 10 minute, interactive guided imagery allow fragments of your
broken dreams to float into your awareness.  Let them be there for the threads of desire to string your life story whole again.
  Interactive guided imagery
Take 10 minutes of  time and get into a comfortable position in a safe place. Close your eyes. Take several deep, slow, complete breaths. Identify the single most important experience in your life that  had a major impact on manifesting your dream.  Where were you? What was your desire? What occupied the space?  The colors?  The fragrances?  The sights? Let yourself feel desire and how it lives in the body.  When you are ready, open your eyes, and your journal and begin to record. You may wish to write, draw or even speak out loud your experience. Is there an action related to your experience that you can take in labor that will help stimulate the power of believe?  When you feel complete, close your journal and conclude your session with  how you started by closing your eyes and taking several deep, full breaths.

Thanks for tuning in, and if you are so moved, I'd love to hear your personal experiences.

Together, forever, in our hearts,


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