Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Take it to heart

Elisha, her friend, Diane shared of her disappointment, that her baby at 36 weeks was small for gestational age, which means that her baby is smaller in size than normal for her baby's sex and number of weeks pregnant.   Elisha share with me that Diane really took it to heart, digging and probing inside herself for what she could have done differently to prevent her baby from being underweight, despite Diane doing everything right in her pregnancy.

It made perfect sense to me that Diane took it to heart because in fact,as far as I'm concerned, her baby is her heart.  For most pregnant women, our baby's well being is constantly on our minds, even when we are busy, like an all purpose hat on our heads that fits so well we forget that it is on until a change in season.

Providing reassurance and being a good listener can certainly help to console Diane's heartache.  However, our hearts live beyond our rationale, cortex thinking mind and would  hear better fragments of our silent speaking, words shared in the most inner recesses of our being, the place that comes more alive when we conceive and we once again can hold dear our hopes and our dreams and believe in how it is all suppose to be.

Consider the ancient yoga centering technique called a Dharana to communicate with your baby and provide the heart with an opportunity to shine brightly, offering protection, strength and deep connection.

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