Monday, February 3, 2014

Assimilating your childbirth experience

I'm starting to understand why so few women are able to really hold their birth experiences. It's important to me, that women assimilate their experiences because with the resulting strength there is the opportunity for them to realize higher states of consciousness and in my brightest moments, that is all that really matters to me, because the world is so desperate for the light that beams forth; spreading joy and love like how the rays of sun burst through dark, thick clouds on a rainy day. It's so brilliant, that you can't help but gaze in awe of the splendors of our creator. Truly, once the initial work has been done, it's an organic process that just happens, like one learns to crawl and walk or ride a bike.
In his book "Magical Child" (it's a book you can really sink your teeth into!), Joseph Chilton Pearce refers to the three stages of competency developed by the well renowned French psychologist, Piaget. It's the very first stage that seems to prevent most women from assimilating their experiences.
It is called "roughing in" and it's a time when the nervous system needs to make a connection with a similar experience that already exists. If there is not one, from my understanding then this new knowledge is extremely difficult to attain. The frustration accompanied with learning over rides intent and one fails to continue to strive for mastery. For example, I never really took to playing a musical instrument in my formative years, so for me to learn to play the piano now would prove to be very difficult, because the synapses simply have not been activated. It doesn't mean however it is impossible, it just means that my intent or desire would have to be very, very strong to learn to play. What pray tell, experiences come close to that of childbirth? Unless a woman has had some sort of trauma or extraordinary physical experiences, the synapses to hold her experience simply do not exist. What can you do?

Continue to reflect and remember the intense, rare moments of joy in your experience, like the moment your baby was placed on your soft, wet belly, or the incredible high that you felt with the release the moment your baby left your body. In that way, you are enlivening the pathways from your experience that exist in your nervous system to bring about enough energy to set them ablaze. It seems like a high calling with not enough payoff. But in reality the opposite is true. The effort required is so worth the pending joy because life gets so much easier, like riding a bike or baking a cake!

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