Monday, May 2, 2011

Deepening our Connection

Birthblessingsyoga was created over two decades ago out of my own need to recognize and honor all of what I had gained through childbirth. I reasoned if childbirth could empower me, it could do the same for all women. I reasoned too if only one in a million received what I was given, all of my efforts would not go in vain but rather the world would be richly rewarded.

With more time, I believe that my intentions with birthblessingsyoga may be greater realized. My intentions are

*To recognize and honor birth as a powerful, creative state.

*To prepare you for the physical demands of childbirth.

*To heighten your awareness to birth as a spiritual experience.

Effective Thursday May 5th classes will begin at 3:00 pm and be two hours long. The new cost per class within a series is $16. Also, effective May 5th, a series will go for 8 weeks rather than for 6 weeks. Many of you are in the middle of a series. I ask that we adjust payment to reflect this new schedule. So for example, if you have paid $72. for 6 weeks and you have taken 3 classes, you would owe $56. (128-72) and have 7 classes to attend. The drop-in fee will be increased to $20. per class.

I hope that you are eager to move deeper into what is at the very heart of your childbirth experience.

Together forever in our hearts,

Maurene Merritt, RN, Yoga Teacher

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