Friday, May 20, 2011

Partnered Yoga To Prepare For Birth

Birth Blessings Partnered Yoga is a dynamic, innovative childbirth preparation program that takes the marriage of childbirth and yoga to a new level. My intention with its creation is to prepare you well for the energy of childbirth to heighten your awareness to the awe of the experience.

As a couple you will be guided through a yoga session that is designed to simulate the birthing process. Specifically, we begin our session with savasana as the pose reflects the needs of early labor, a time for rest and reflection. We move slowly into active labor, becoming more vigorous with standing poses, hip openers, and intense concentration on breathing. Transition is vocal, and a time to work on creating a stable, resilient foundation. You’ll simulate having your baby and enjoy the extension and opening offered by backbends. We then pause to assimilate, rounding back inside with supportive soothing, cooling forward bends.

You'll be guided in and out of poses in a wave like fashion. Together, you'll ascend slowly into the pose, hold at its apex as the peak of a contraction, and then gradually descend back into a place of pause for more repose.

Approaching labor in this way provides an opportunity to experience childbirth as whole, a rhythmic fluid stream of energy that commands attention, strength and surrender. The program is best suited for couples desiring growth, joy, and expansion through their childbirth experience.

Together forever in our hearts,


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