Sunday, May 15, 2011

Loose hips sink ships

To my favorite yoginis;

Last week we learned yield, the rebound force from the earth moving through the bones in our feet to help create a stable, strong, resilient foundation. Remember? Do you remember too that Sarah shared of her desire to have that kind of stability and grounding in her pelvis? I got the sense from her description of how she felt in her body that her pelvis at times behaved like an unruly, unmanageable child! This makes sense because the hormone relaxin secreted early on in pregnancy actually inhibits the production of connective tissue, the rope like structures that actually hold your bones together. (I am not sure whose idea it was to secrete this hormone so early on in the pregnancy. It seems more reasonable to wait until the last trimester!)

So this week in yoga we will work again with yield as it relates to the pelvis to help support a more stable, cooperative core container.

Lastly, can you remember how strong and beautiful and endearing you are, and that you need every ounce of it to embrace with grace and ease the drastic changes happening in your life?

Please come to yoga and celebrate yourself.

Together forever in our hearts,

Maurene, RN, Yoga Teacher

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